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RE: Chunk Copy Course!

From: John Hostler



Dear Friend,

First... you might very well be wondering what in the hell would cause me to name anything "Chunk Copy"... versus - say - "Ninja Copy", "Mercenary Copy", or something else wicked cool?

Well, you're about to discover how this unusual name came about and why it could transform your business -- oh yeah -- AND generate wads of online cash for you.

You see, every day at 3:30 PM my six year old daughter Kaari (pronounced gets home from 1st grade and walks immediately downstairs to my office for our daily "chit chat" sessions.

Many of our chit chats revolve around school... whether she was green light, yellow light, or red light all day (their 'lil way of seeing who has been good), or what classes she had that day, and which was her favorite.

Sometimes we talk about my work - and one fateful day we got into a pretty deep discussion about sales copy.

How Do You Make Sales Copy So Simple To Understand That A 6 Year Old Can Grasp It?

One day Kaari climbed into my lap, looked at my computer, and asked me, "Daddy, whatcha doin'?"

"I'm writing sales copy for a client honey", I replied... to which she immediately responded, "OHHHH -- what's sales copy?"

Like so many kids her age Kaari is extremely inquisitive and initially I just tried to redirect her, thinking she really didn't want to know about copy -- I mean nobody REALLY likes to talk about copy, right?

But to my surprise, she kept coming back to the topic.

So, I thought... "Ok, how do I explain this in a way that she'll TRULY comprehend what I'm talking about?"

At first I rambled on and on about AIDA, WIIFM, and other acronyms and copy rhetoric that seem engineered only to lull people into a listless state of bored out of their minds...

Clearly that wasn't doing the trick -- she still wanted to know what my sales copy was for, what it did, and how it worked... but I was definitely not getting through.

So, I grabbed the pad of paper sitting on my desk and began scribbling away like a madman...

By The Time I Was Done I Ended Up With A Drawing Just Like This...

As I put pencil to paper I had a bit of an epiphany about what I do.

While I like to think myself original and the opposite of formulaic, it occurred to me right then and there that I DO have a basic pattern that kick starts my sales copy...

Every time I write a Sales Letter I "map out" -- if you will -- many of the crucial components before I ever even write a single word.

And in my "mapping" process, I break out those crucial components into sections...

...I break them out into bite sized "chunks"!

The result of all these chunks, once assembled, equates to a simple to follow template that ANYONE can use to crank out powerful Sales Letters...

Sales Letters that mean cash in YOUR pockets -- FAST!

“Chunk Copy” Was Born And Even My 6 Year Old Daughter Got It Down Pat In Less Than 30 Minutes...

Breaking copy down into "bite sized chunks" to ensure you always cover those crucial spots, to prevent that dreaded "what do I write now" feeling, to speed up the entire copywriting process, to get high conversions on the first try, and to make testing copy a BREEZE...

Well, I had been subconsciously doing this for years with incredible success (I've made millions of dollars for my many clients).

But... a simple conversation with my daughter Kaari brought it ALL speeding to the forefront of my mind and gave it a name -- Chunk Copy was born!

Now Kaari often plays me like a fiddle and has learned the art of placating her dad in almost diabolical ways -- so, when I asked her if she understood what we had just done, and she replied, "Yes daddy", I was not totally convinced.

So... I began to quiz her on what we talked about and her understanding of it all seriously blew me away -- my 6 year old now comprehended almost all of the important facets of creating a killer Sales Letter.

In fact, our little inside joke in the house when she comes home now is, "How's stuff converting today daddy?"

Now of course I am biased about the cuteness of my daughter and all of that -- but you're about to see why that conversation I had with her can make YOU truckloads of cash at will!

A Single Disturbing Trend Brought Everything Together And Really Opened My Eyes...

Now while the whole thing with my daughter seemed pretty cool to me, eventually we stopped thinking about it and moved on to other things -- me with my work and her with discussions about which friend she wants to call on any given night.

In fact, I might not have given this another serious thought until I began speaking with a few of my coaching students about products they were creating.

You see, the concept of this coaching program was A-Z -- my partner and I helped them to build their products from scratch and then launch them profitably using a system that allowed them to do it again and again and again.

But... every single student had the same single problem:

Understanding the sales process - no problem

Creating their own products - no problem

Setting up all the back end stuff - no problem

Writing the sales copy - BIG problem!

Once we realized what an issue writing copy was for all these clients (they either got stuck and couldn't move forward or they never could get started at all) my partner and I decided to put on a live webinar for them, where I would walk them through sales copy, just as I had done for my daughter not too long ago.

The results were uncanny - each of our clients indicated it was as if the "secret veil" had been lifted and all the mystery and difficulty of Sales Letter copy had been completely removed.

Just one session and they were finally able to create their own kick ass Sales Letters and start making money online! And there it was... Chunk Copy was not just a neat way to show my daughter what I do...

Chunk Copy can help ANYONE write copy, even if they have never done it before or don't have a special 'talent' for writing copy!

Chunk Copy: The Copywriting Method That Can Turn Anyone Into A Copywriting Hero...

"When I applied John's tips and techniques to one of my own projects, I amazed myself."

I always thought that you had to be a gifted writer with highly specialized marketing knowledge to compose a good salesletter.

Being fairly new to internet marketing, I have to be honest, the "salesletter" portion of the process loomed rather large . . . in short, I dreaded the thought of having to write one.

John's "Chunk Copy" method shows you step-by-step how to actually "craft" a salesletter that effectively hooks your site visitor into the page and draws them down chunk-by-chunk to the order button (Ka-Ching!).

When I applied John's tips and techniques to one of my own projects, I amazed myself. Knowing how to do this myself is also a money-saver for me too (I don't have to pay someone else).

Now, I can't wait to tackle the other projects on my drawing board.

Thanks John!

Dee Gallemore

Yep... if you're just getting started online, sales copy, a once daunting task, is NOW super simple... oh and if you already think yourself to be a copy "stud", guess what?

I got a few tricks up my sleeve for you too;-) See what one of Gary Halbert's mentorees has to say about Chunk Copy...

" I had ten pages of hastily scribbled notes at the end, it was past midnight, and I wanted more!"


I began studying copy writing and marketing in 1984. I lived next door to Gary Halbert and worked with him daily for over two years.  I have owned my own marketing business and written my own copy for more than 20 years.  I thought I knew it all.

I was on your call the other night and sat there watching you work for over three hours .... with my mouth open. I was shocked!  I had ten pages of hastily scribbled notes at the end, it was past midnight, and I wanted more!

I learned more in three hours, with your video presentation, than I learned in the last ten years.  As an old school copywriter I had wanted to learn how to layout a website sales letter, handle the graphics and images, and make it look nice.  I learned everything I could ever need in that three hour presentation.

Thank you so much!  This program is Golden!

Chuck Rolfe

Chunk Copy Video Tutorials : 3 Hours To Sizzling Hot Copy For Anyone!

People usually don't want to talk copy because they think it's dull or boring...

Frankly I don't blame 'em because I've listened to some REALLY dry copy discussions in my time.

That's just one difference between my course and others -- you'll find yourself so sucked in and excited about what we're talking about, you'll lose all track of time!

And hey... you're gonna uncover my secrets for generating a ton of cold hard cash with your sales copy, so all the better:)

Here's just a tiny fraction of what you'll discover in this AMAZING video course...

The Full Chunk Copy Method - Watch over my shoulder as I show you EVERYTHING behind this incredibly easy and highly effective copywriting method that will have you rocking out cash sucking Sales Letters in 3 hours from now!

My Top To Bottom Theory - Find out EXACTLY why you'll never EVER catch me writing a Sales Letter from top to bottom and how writing top to bottom can drastically reduce your sales conversions!

The "Left Hand" Numbers - Find out the simple yet highly effective method I use for making sure that I keep as many people reading down my Sales Letters and on through the buy button - each and EVERY time!

The Look But Don't Touch Concept - Discover what it is that people do before they'll read one single word of your Sales Letter and find out how you can be absolutely certain they're not just clicking away without giving you a chance!

The Style Factor - See how I make a Sales Letter "pop" with just a few quick clicks of a mouse and how you can literally change the feel of your own Sales Letter in just a few minutes!

The Chunk Copy Transformation - Watch live as I show you how to implement Chunk Copy on PLR Sales Letters so you can quickly and easily transform them from standard fare to deadly effective sales converters!

And so much more!

As you can see, Chunk Copy is engineered to have you cranking out killer copy like it's going out of style -- but you don't just have to take my word for it...

See What These Folks Have To Say About The Chunk Copy Video Course...

"Simply Amazing!."

Wow, what an eye opener!

I highly recommend this package to any newbie or even advanced marketer online.

George Kosch, Worldprofit, Inc.

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"This course outmatches EVERYTHING I've seen online."

Thank goodness for people like John!

I'm speechless

Jason, North Dakota

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I didn't call in favors and hunt down my buddies to solicit their testimonials -- this is REAL feedback -- these folks have seen and used the materials and they're sharing their feelings on it with you.

If I seem excited about Chunk Copy, it's because I am -- I really get a kick out of the feedback and what people can do for their businesses (for their lives) once they've seen the course...

But, when you register for Chunk Copy today, I'm going to take it to another level to make this even EASIER for you...

Is It Even Possible To Make This Course Any Better? Well, It's Tough But I'm Gonna Do It Anyway With These Killer Bonuses...

Seriously, the Chunk Copy videos by themselves could be a life changer -- they're THAT powerful -- but I want to bring a few other things to the table that will help you begin cranking out these money sucking Sales Letters in record time.

That's why I am also including these very valuable bonuses (and as I think you'll agree -- this ain't fluff or filler -- these bonuses WILL come in very handy for you):

Bonus #1 - 4 Chunk Copy Ready Made Templates: Value $97!

You know -- it's one thing for me to spout off at the mouth about doing this and doing that and "whammo"... you have great copy...

But it's another thing entirely for me to hand you a simple plug n play template where I lay out all the important "chunks" for you...

And tell you what to write and where to write it.

Yep -- this COULD equate to fast cash in your pockets because now you TRULY could be whipping out high powered Sales Letters in a flash, almost without even having to think!

These valuable templates come in 4 colors, Black (as shown to the left), Blue, Red, and Green.

Use the clean and professional looking web site graphics I provide for you with these Chunk Copy Templates, or copy and paste the contents of the sites into your own graphics.

It's entirely up to you -- and either way -- it's like a super charged quick start no matter how you slice it.

These templates are yours FREE when you secure Chunk Copy for yourself today!

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Bonus #2 - Chunk Copy Secret Resource Guide: Value $27!

This next bonus, worth at LEAST $27, contains my little bag of tricks that allows me to pimp out my Sales Letters in style...

People are always asking me questions about how I add certain visual elements to my Sales Letters...

"John, how'd you do that shadow"... "John, where'd you get the code for that drop cap"... "John, how'd you do that handwriting font?"...

And on and on and on.

Well, now I'm letting you in on my secrets with the Chunk Copy Secret Resource Guide... every cool or little known resource I personally use to distinguish my Sales Letters from all the others...